Casey Brown

"Georgia helped me with furniture, accessories & space planning. She even designed a stunning original lighting fixture for my foyer. She has a keen eye for beautiful design & function. She also "edited" my built in shelves mainly using what I already had in my home. She's fantastic!"

Emmy & Bob Fogarty

"Georgia helped us with two houses. From artwork, furniture, rugs, accessories, paint colors, wallpaper, kitchen hardware, lighting fixtures to window treatments. She has great instincts and an eye for creating polished cohesive rooms that flow. Such beautiful & cozy spaces for our family to enjoy. She is also easy & fun to work with." 

Volk Family

"Georgia expertly helped us pick out furniture and fabrics to create custom pieces that were simply perfect. It was no small feat given that my husband and I have different tastes and the space we had for the couches was challenging! She was also mindful of price without compromising quality. We highly recommend her!"

Jayne & Elizabeth

"Georgia helped us with the purchase of our condo and has such a great sense of style. She respects what we like & makes great choices to create a more attractive & cozy home. Nobody EDITS better than Georgia to take what we love and make it all show up better."

E. Hall

"I felt like Georgia really listened to me and understood my personal style. She was able to translate my thoughts into a well thought out design. Then she introduced me to things that I loved-things I had not thought of or considered before."

Mullman Family

"I worked with Georgia to enliven our 1908 four-square house. She gave me great ideas for paint colors and a clean aesthetic while considering each nook of my house as a "vignette"-places for personal & simple touches."

Laurie & Rick

"We downsized our home with the help of Georgia and then she found us the perfect new home that required completely different style of furnishings! Georgia helped with space planning and picked out new furniture and accessories including a custom sectional couch that came out great. I was unsure how new pieces would fit but Georgia measured & arranged it all just right to make it work!"

Jan & Kyle Smith

"We had some special family antique pieces that needed rehopolstering. Georgia picked out beautiful more modern yet timeless fabrics and brought the furniture back to life."

Wilmette Investor

"Georgia transformed our investment property from dark and dated to clean, bright and move in ready in a couple weeks. She knew exactly how to execute the project from design plan to hiring tradesman to conduct the work in a timely manner. She also rented the house in 42 days. I highly recommend, Georgia. She is professional, experienced and reliable."

Werling Family

"Georgia helped us re-decorate and furnish the entire first floor of our Wilmette home. Georgia understood our "big picture" goals while breaking down each individual space to give it a unique identity that flows cohesively. We worked with Georgia to design custom couches & chairs, re-vision wall hangings and identify new tables, rugs & lighting fixtures. With Georgia's guidance we have designed new spaces that mixed new and vintage pieces to create unique and one-of-a-kind spaces."

Lizzie & Kevin Griffin

"Georgia helped us with design ideas and furniture recommendations after we bought our new house with her in Wilmette. We have been gradually planning and exploring future renovation possibilities and she has provided some helpful and interesting insight. We appreciate her aesthetic eye & expertise."

Ganesh Ranganathan

"Georgia listed our condo--but before it was ready to go on the market she assisted with interior design work; refinished the hardwood floors a dark walnut, painted neutral colors throughout & replaced lighting fixtures. She sold it in 13 days."

Mary Kelly

"Georgia gave me excellent guidance on furniture placement and space planning. She understands composition and what works in a room without it feeling over crowded. She aims for optimal functionality and beauty."


"I had Georgia do a walk through of my home for interior design advice as we plan towards the future. She had many ideas and suggestions and was an amazing sounding board. I got such great insight from our time together."